FooortePay: the longest bank advertisement in the world RA Kombinat

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Задача проекта

In Kazakhstan not all the population relies on bank cards: 37% of Kazakhstanis withdraw the whole amount once they get paid. Many people still carry money to other cities in cash, despite the fact that carrying cash is far from being safe or convenient. At the same time ForteBank offers FortePay, an easy-to-use tool enabling customers to transfer money to a holder of a particular telephone number.

Идеи и решения

We came up with a simple idea to shoot a boring and protracted ad to highlight how weird it is to rely on cash in the 21st century, given that money could be easily transferred if one knows at least the recipient’s phone number, with the transfers made even easier with FortePay in place. Watching the 9-hour-long ad to the end enabled to feel the unreasonableness of carrying money in cash. We felt nobody was going to watch such a long ad, therefore we «hid» a sizeable amount of money in the ad, the «key» to the money could only be obtained through seeing it out.